Megan Boone is a famous American actress who was well known for her role in the NBC drama series named ‘The Blacklist’ as an FBI agent as  Elizabeth Keen. James Spader who was working with Megan Boone in the series and the character he was playing was named “Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington “.

Megan Boone and James Spader were in love with each other and they were in a relationship on the series “The Blacklist” from the beginning of the series. In the series, Megan Boone was a young FBI agent who joins the task force and starts working with Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington who was working there for the past some time.

But in the current season, Elizabeth Keen turns into a criminal who wants to kill Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington because he killed her mother and Elizabeth wants to take revenge.

But after Megan Boone, the main focus will be on the remaining cast of the series Spader, Harry Lennix, and Diego Klattenhoff.

Why Megan Boone leaves the series “The Blacklist”.

The decision about the left was made before as the writer of the series mold the story in such a way in which the character of Megan Boone,i.e, Elizabeth Keen has to be its final part. In some recent interview, the creator of the series “The Blacklist” tantalize that “Nachalo,” “we’re going to go back to the very beginning and unpack answers to eight years worth of questions.”. But the character of  Elizabeth Keen makes Megan Boone Hit overnight. The character gets on fire and a massive hit which makes Boone a superstar. As the performance of Megan Boone was fabulous as always and this character helped Boone to make its courier as a bright start in some time. And Netflix also helped her with their global audience.


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