French Regional Election Updates: Only one-third eligible voters participated, Le Pen might get behind

About Marine Le Pen-

Marine Anne Perrine or whom we know as Marine Le Pen is a French Politician and lawyer too. She went to the second round of the presidential vote in 2017. She was also a member of the national assembly from 2017 for the eleventh constituency in pas-de-calais. She is not new in this politician field as their father is also was a party leader. She also won in FN and become the leader in 2011.

Le Pen wants to become the next president-

Marine Le Pen wants to become the next present but the situation got wrong as she loses in pools and it is approximate always correct so Marrine Le Pen losses but for winning sh did many think like she changes the name of the party from “The National Front” to “The National Rally”. But the result in pools seems like the national rally parties are behind. Marine le pen scored too much less in her last 4 years’ outing. From a survey, it was found that the people doesn’t affect by the mainstream politicians but they are never treated as serious by the national leader. Le pen was famous in the location but it may possible that some group vote in the opposite direction and in low cases it might be a danger as only one-third of people are coming.

Le Pen’s Party is Losing in Regional Election Exit Polls:

In France the regional election is conducted in recent times. These are the common election which conducts at every specific time. Only all people went for voting due to the corona period as it is not advisable so only there were very few people who went to gave the vote. so only one-third of eligible people came to vote which eventually thought that Marine le pen will lose. As he changes the party name to represent the party as an enthusiastic party and for a modern tone but it doesn’t work as she loses in the Polls. The party National Rally is not in the front.


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