Heartland Season 14: Netflix Release Date And Every Latest Update 2021

Heartland is one of the longest-running Canadian television series. It is a family comedy-drama premiered on October 14, 2007, in Canada on CBC. In the US it released on The CW, UPtv, and Netflix. The premise of the series is based upon the Heartland book series by Lauren Brooke and is directed by Murray Shostak.

On March 29, 2015, Heartland released its 139th episode which broke all the records and became the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in the history of Canadian Industry.

Earlier, in 2020 the production house made announcements that the season would be renewed for a fourteenth season. And now this year on June 2 CBC took another step by announcing the fifteenth season.

Heartland season 14 Characters and Cast

As Heartland is a long-running series with a total of 13 seasons till now. It comes with a great storyline. And to support such a great storyline there are hundreds of different characters. But here are some of the main cast and characters played by them.

  • Amy Fleming played by Amber Marshall
  • Samantha Louise “Lou” Fleming Morris played by Michelle Morgan
  • Jackson “Jack” Bartlett played by Shaun Johnston
  • Georgina “Georgie” Fleming Morris played by Alisha Newton
  • Timothy “Tim” Fleming played by Chris Potter
  • Caleb O’Dell played by Kerry James
  • Peter Walter Morris played by Gabriel Hogan
  • Scott Cardinal played by Nathaniel Arcand
  • Elizabeth “Lisa” Stillman Bartlett played by Jessica Steen
  • Katie Fleming Morris played by Ziya Matheson
  • Luke Kashani played by Lucian-River Chauhan


Heartland is set in a hypothetical city of Hudson, Alberta. And the story revolves around the Fleming-Bartlett clan and the stories of the Fleming-Bartlett clan’s friendship, marriage, and many other aspects.

Amy Fleming played by Amber Marshall and her mother Marion are the main character of the series. Both of them have an ability to listen and understand injured horses by which they always try to rescue them. But in the first episode itself, Marion was killed while saving a horse named Spartan. And eventually, Amy moves in with her grandfather Jackson “Jack” Bartlett played by Shaun Johnston.

And after this sequence of tragic incidents, Amy with his sister tries to revive her family’s economic condition by perfecting her horse-whispering skills and proving that she has special skills. During this course, many more characters are introduced and different events take place.

Heartland Season 14 Release Date

As every fan knows that in May 2020, CBC had already renewed the series for its 14th season and the show was expected to release in June 2021. But due to some unforeseen issues, it will have its release near around March 2022. Viewers can also expect various different release date in different parts of the world due to publication complications.

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