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Introduction to Escape Room :

Now it seems common when we talk about films, the most famous movie or films are those in which the identity of the murderer is not identified till the end. The audience has to think and combine all the possibilities to understand what is happening and why it seems very fascinating that the murderer hasn’t disclosed yet. These types of thrilling movies are going very viral these days. This similar sort of feeling we faced in the case of the first escape room movie. In this movie, we saw some people get stuck in a series of the life-changing, thrilling, mindboggling situation which blows the mind of many people watching the movie while thinking how these people will come out alive.

The reason behind the first escape room movie or we can say the story concept of the movie attracts the main focus towards the film and pushes it towards success. The budget of the first movie of the escape room was made up of $9 million and in return, it gives approximately $155 million which is huge. So there are maximum chances of getting the sequel of the movie as a blast and this time it appears from the trailer that the bigger budget is used. “This is way bigger than last time,” Ben (Miller) says.

Escape Room: Watch Tournament of Champions Trailer –


Escape Room Tournament of Champions is the new part of the movie Escape room movie in which some people get trapped in the series of escape room and this time it seems like the size of the room is also increased and the trill and it become more intense while we get to know the film is getting back with few members which already worked in this movie. Taylor Russell and  Logan Miller are from the first movie along with a host of other survivors which are Indya Moore, Isabelle Fuhrman, Holland Roden, Thomas Cocquerel, and Carlito Olivero.

Some People after seeing the trailer for the first time thought that it is a game that is deadlier than anything else. The director Adam Robitel, of the movie, thought that the story which is left at the end has to start in the next episode or season which makes it more thrilling and so the second part is made with such criteria.

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