The A List Season 2 Initial Reviews and Ending Explained | Will there be a Season 3? and Future Expectations

Many people have watched teen, suspense, and intriguing dramas, but “The A-List,” the tensest and captivating drama, has flipped the drama world upside down. People, particularly teens, fell head over heels for The A-list drama right away. The A list is an adolescent thriller drama that is now airing on TV. This drama first aired on BBC I Player on October 25, 2018. The A-list drama was filmed somewhere in Scotland by the BBC.

Summary Of the Series

Mia went to summer camp with high hopes of having a good time, but it turns out to be her worst miserable experience. The entrance of a mystery girl, Amber, spoiled Mia’s vacation. Mia first despises Amber, but as time passes, she begins to believe that something is amiss with Amber’s eyes. Amber is a strange young lady. Mia was met with threatening stares from Amber. Amber is an outcast with supernatural abilities. In her gaze, she exudes strength.

Friendship, betrayal, terror, perseverance, superpower, imagination, passion, and loyalty are all explored in this drama. Peregrine Island is the setting for this strange narrative, in which the lifeless bring to light. Following the success of season one, the BBC announced that season two of “The A List” will be relocated to Netflix.

Season 2 Headlines

Season 2 is now available on Netflix from June 25, 2021. Dan Berlinka and Nine Metivier developed this one-of-a-kind mystery thriller. There are two seasons to this show. Season 1 premiered on the BBC network on October 25, 2018, with 13 episodes.

Season 2 of The A-List consists of eight 25-30 minute episodes. The second season’s narrative is as follows: “Fact and fiction mix as Mia, Dev, Petal, Alex, and others seek to reunite — and re-examine what truly occurred on Peregrine Island.”

Mind-controlling teens and lovers who turn out to be ghosts, a spooky dollhouse in the woods, a mystery medical facility where coma patients are carried in from the mainland, and mind-controlling teenagers and boyfriends. Each of these narrative lines might stand alone as a series, but Season 2 of ‘The A List’ tries to cram everything into one episode, leaving the spectator unable to see the forest for the trees.

The A List Season 2 web series contains just eight episodes, which is fortunate because the narrative is strange, formulaic, and hardly makes sense. Midge and Amber are proven to be the same person in the first season. When the creators reveal who the new enemy is in Season 2, this revelation falls flat. To be honest, the villain’s plan to terrorize these youngsters is stupid as hell according to the audience.

Is it worth seeing Season 2 of The A List?

The Netflix series, on the whole, falls short of our expectations. It appears like the creators just wanted to produce another season. It’s also possible that all these segments were part of the first season, given none of them are particularly interesting. It would have been more interesting to watch if the villain had a more heinous plan to revenge Mia and her companions. However, the poor characters detract from the excitement of following the series until the conclusion. Mia’s face looks strained towards the end of the previous episode. It’s a signal that we could see a third season unless something drastic happens.

What happened at the end of A List season 2 episode 8

Season 2 provides more answers to the behavior as to why Midge, the unpopular girl at camp on the creepy teen drama ‘The A List,’ had such a grudge against the queen bee of the group Mia, which came out in a variety of fairly mind-bending ways in Season 1. Mia becomes enraged with Midge in Season 2, even at her own danger, as Midge complains about how horrible Mia behaved with her. It is then revealed that Mia’s memory was erased by Amber, in whose body Midge was confined, and that any recollection of who Midge was to Mia was erased as well. Through a flashback, we learn that Mia and Midge were closest friends as children and that they were ‘blood sisters,’ pricking their fingers and placing them together.

Will A List return for Season 3?

While Netflix obviously believes in The A List’s potential by saving it from cancellation, it has yet to declare if the program will be renewed for a third season. Although the second season ended with a sense of closure for (most) of the main characters, the last seconds revealed a small surprise that might lead to more episodes.


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