Young and The Restless Synopsis Spoilers, Everything About Love Drama of Summer Newman and Kyle

The Young and the restless Synopsis-

Today on 28 June 2021, Summer went to Italy, and before that, he has done many things which affect her sad final farewell. So the scene starts like summer wants some favor from Billy, And Kyle was trying to stop Summer but Summer make everyone in very shocking condition. Jack understand that Kyle was unable to manage or change the mindset of summer for leaving for Italy. and summer is going right now and Kyle was unable to understand why would summer throw all the things away which they have and kyle was so shocked and just want to talk to summer for the last time to try to change the mindset of summer.
Summer packaged the suit bag and tries to persuade to do something by sustained flattery Phylis. Phyllis was very surprised after hearing and they will take her clothes of winter. Summer emphasis that it is not for good to take sides and show support, actually it is no good to take the faking support but hoping that the winter may change her mind till the last time. she also quoted that “great things are rarely easy”. Then Nick went from there and go to the storage unit and meanwhile, Phyllis follows nick just to make her mind switch.

Spoiler of The Young and Restless-

After some time Kyle gets on the plane to Italy. Kyle also said that to summer that in the future she will love Harrison, their future together is too bright. And Summer replied that they have no future together. He will move on from her and she will move on from him. Then they kissed each other deeply and with emotion as they both loved each other but leaving so they get mesmerized. and then she pulls away and went out. After that Kyle looks that she has his engagement ring in the palm of his hand. It is an emotional love story that was not a success story as they have to separate from each other. And have left the partner and went to Italy. In this, they both sacrifice their love for each other.

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