Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles Dating Caught Kissing Captured on Yacht in Bikni Romantic Vacation

Olivia Wilde, an American actress and director too who was famous for her role in “House” as Remy and other movies too. Recently he was caught on the camera while wearing a navy blue color bikini with a high waist and pocket in a yacht with Harry Edward Style again, who was an English Singer, Songwriter, and actor also. Before this, we get some news that they are together since January which seems it’s only six months but it seems like they are connected too much with each other. They first meet on the set of the “Don’t worry darling” movie. But no imagine that they will start seeing each other as Olivia is 10 years older than Harry. Olivia is 36 years old and Style is 26 years old. They are looking good with each other and seem happy with each other.

vacation in Italy

Romantic Vacation in Italy-

These photographs tell about the healthy relationship of Olivia Wilde and Harry styles. They are enjoying their romantic and exotic vacations in Monte Argentario, a region of Tuscany, Italy. Harry styles were wearing a blue basketball hat and pullover of the same color along with the black color Nike shots. They both seem very calm and enjoying their vacations. They are relaxing on the yacht and taking sunbath too. They are relaxing and spending vacations like love buds, they both were swimming, reading books, enjoying wine, kissing, and slow dance in each other’s arms to relax and enjoy with each other. They have been for some past weeks, after the successful competition of the new movie named “My Policeman” in Harry style. And at the same time, Wilde was spending time with her children named Otis and Daisy. They also caught previously when harry style was found shirtless. It seems like they are having a healthy relationship with each other and spending time together to understand each other better.

Enjoying vacation with each other

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