Rick Owens and Converse introduced DRKSHDW TURBODRK Chuck 70 Ox with squared toes

It’s official!

Owens’ association with Converse is his most recent collaborative release this year:

‘After referencing Converse in the past, there is a nice closure in being invited by them to hook up.’

The Rick Owens DRKSHDW x Converse TURBODRK Chuck 70 Ox are finally released after a first peek previously this year and a proper reveal last week. The Rick Owens DRKSDHW x Converse TURBODRK Chuck 70 Ox comes with a unique shoebox that maintains the trademark features that define the partnership, and will be available on Converse and Rick Owens’ websites on July 27 with a High variant.

Converse x Drkshdw TurboDrk Chuck 70 is currently available at converse.com, rickowens.eu, Rick Owens outlets, and select retailers in a high top and low top edition. Furthermore, during the year of 2021, Owens will reimagine additional Converse silhouettes.

About the design

The redesigned silhouette’s key highlight is its square-toe structure, which is the first time it’s been featured on the Chuck 70.

Extended tongues are emphasized with co-branded tags that match the printed insoles and license plates featured on the shoe’s larger platform-style soles which heighten it.

The TURBODRK Chuck 70 Ox has a square toe grill clearly influenced by the platform boots exhibited and personally donned by Owens in recent seasons.

The forthcoming launch is one of two reimaginations of the iconic footwear style by Rick Owens, who describes it as ‘distorting the ubiquitous’. Both the Hi and Ox cuts of the shoe have this structure, and both are present in standard black or white canvas hues.

The brand’s concept

Rick Owens spoke in an interview about the design to celebrate the collaboration’s global premiere:

‘I have been presenting (and personally wearing) platform boots in the past few seasons that have a square toe grill. Distorting the iconic Converse toe into this shape drew it into my current world.’

Owens further said that his impulse to ‘distort’ originates from ‘a bratty adolescent attitude’ in which he probably indulges more than he should. The partnership was also motivated by the designer’s intention to highlight ‘the extremist transgression that black and white Chuck 70s have always implied’.

Rick Owens also claimed that this collaboration may help him to reach a wider audience with his excitement for a more diverse and accepting personal aesthetic: he would like to assist in the freedom of the weird kids in the same manner that the Converse-wearing Ramones assisted in his own.

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