Shootings reported near Chalkstone Avenue and Canton Street

Residents along Chalkstone Avenue and Canton Street are being urged to shelter in place by the Providence Police Department. According to police, an armed individual has locked himself inside a residence on Canton Street.

Ward 6 Councilman Michael Correia, who represents that region, informed reporters that the person fired multiple shots at officers, one of which damaged their vehicle. There were no policemen harmed or wounded. Residents in that area reported to have heard gunshots at about 5 a.m.

Access to the streets and roads within the area is being restricted. The people are advised to avoid the location and expect delays, according to the authorities.

Unfortunately, this is not a unique incident in the area. Similar assaults were reported in or in the proximity of Chalkstone Avenue and Canton Street, with a few examples being displayed below.

Teenagers fire guns on Chalkstone Avenue

After reportedly pointing and firing BB guns at bystanders, three teenagers were detained and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. In the neighborhood of Manton Avenue and Chalkstone Avenue, police received reports of individuals firing at people with BB guns, inflicting personal harm and property damage.

Subjects were seen driving erratically in the neighborhood in a dark-colored BMW, and would instantly stop if they were noticed. A Brown University staff member contacted 911 to say that someone within the car was pointing a gun at her.

According to police, while talking with the lady, patrol units noticed the BMW on North Main Street and intervened to block it, which resulted in a pursuit. A prolonged chase proceeded, with the BMW eventually reaching Pawtucket, where Pawtucket Police Department also aided in the vehicle’s capture.

The suspicious car came to a halt after colliding into a huge stone wall as a cause of mechanical issues. The three young individuals were all charged with conspiracy and two counts of felony assault with a lethal weapon.

Roadside shootings in Canton

As per Police Chief Ken Berkowitz of Canton, Massachusetts, a roadside gunshot recorded on camera wasn’t an arbitrary occurrence, but rather a planned firefight. The incident occurred on Route 138 on Sunday.

Two automobiles were involved in a violent encounter on Route 138 during the shooting on Sunday. A blue vehicle collided with a gray car, spinning it out of control and into a snowbank. After that, someone stepped out of the gray automobile and opened fire on the blue car.

Everybody ultimately left the area. Both rented automobiles were discovered unattended in various parts of town by Canton Police. The culprits have been discovered, but no one has been apprehended, according to authorities.

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