Five Guys worker revealed how their famous fries are made from fresh potatoes

Viral clips on how Five Guys’ fries are made

A staff member from Five Guys has recently posted on TikTok how their fries are made! His name is Maez and he is from Shreveport, Louisiana. Maez showed people the secrets from the inside, such as the fact that fresh potato spuds are used to produce the fast-food chain’s french fries, which are cooked two times to make them crunchy.

In videos posted on his TikTok account, Maez explained how the renowned fries are made. Five Guys’ fans were taken aback when they learned that the famous side dish is made with actual potatoes. Numerous people expected to see a package of frozen fries in the first video, which has over 13.2 million views. The video in which he shows how the fries are cooked has exceeded 2 million likes already.

The preparation process


First, they have to wash the potatoes. ‘Real potatoes’, Maez added, turning the camera towards the sink, which was piled high with russet potatoes. He showed how to insert the potatoes into the slicer, cutting them into strips, then power wash them to eliminate the starch. The potatoes are afterwards stored in a plastic bucket that is completely filled with water.

In his next video, Maez detailed how to make the fries. He pre-cooked a bunch of fries in the fryer, which was loaded with peanut oil, for around two minutes. He stated that they adore pre-cooking their fries. Maez then placed them in the fryer a second time to make sure they were extremely crunchy before removing them from it.

He explained that this is how the finished fries should be. Maez would then shake them 15 times to get all of the oil out and keep them from getting mushy. He finished by adding salt to the fries and tossing them well.

The preparation process is actually really simple, but highly effective – the best proof is that they keep receiving positive feedback from their customers: ‘Only restaurant I trust and this is the reason why’, ‘it’s expensive but you get what you pay for. it’s real food unlike other places’, whilst thanking Maez for his contribution too: ‘Thank you. You are a true hero for showing this’.

Five Guys exclusively uses potatoes produced above the 42nd parallel in Idaho. The chain’s annual acquisition of 140 million pounds accounts for more than 5% of the state’s total potato production.

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