Steuben County under ‘State of Emergency’ amid flooding due to heavy rainfall

Flooding caused by heavy rainfalls

From Wednesday night until early Thursday morning, heavy rainfall, mostly in the Southern Tier, generated flooding hazards. Because of sudden floods in the region, Steuben County declared a state of emergency on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday night, Steuben County commanded the evacuation of the south side of Addison Village, which borders Tuscarora Creek. Travelling in the towns of Canisteo, Greenwood, Hornellsville, Jasper, Troupsburg, Tuscarora, West Union, and Woodhull has been forbidden by the County.

Inhabitants of the Southside of the Village of Addison who were evacuated were urged not to return to their houses until this can be done in complete safety, code enforcement, and utility workers could evaluate damage after sunrise, according to Steuben County and Village of Addison authorities.

Citizens must remain off the streets until further notice to allow emergency vehicles and public works personnel to address the situation. Inhabitants are advised to dial 911 only in the event of a real emergency.

State of Emergency in Steuben County

The National Weather Service predicted that inundation along Tuscarora Creek will surpass record levels, perhaps causing the levy to be exceeded. The Corning-Painted Post High School, located at 201 Cantigney St. in Corning, has been designated as a Red Cross emergency shelter.

Because of severe torrential rains, Steuben County issued a State of Emergency on Wednesday night. Until further notice, the state of emergency will remain in force. The State of Emergency for the urban areas of West Union, Woodhull, Troupsburg, Tuscarora, Greenwood, Canisteo, Hornellsville, Jasper, and Addison is in force until further notice, authorities reported early Thursday morning.

Several roads are closed, flooded, and covered in debris, according to Tim Marshall, Director of Public Safety for Steuben County. He stated that Public Works personnel would be working all morning to examine the destruction and ensure safe passage, and that locals should keep off the road so that the work can be done properly.

This situation definitely raises concerns: when will the citizens get back to their normal lives? And, more importantly, how likely is it that a similar situation will occur in the near future?

The emergency scenario is detailed on the Steuben County Facebook page. Until early Thursday morning, a Flood Warning remained in place for areas of Ontario and Steuben counties.

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