Shirley police investigating a suspicious death occurred early Monday on Groton Road

Man died in suspicious circumstances in Shirley


A strange death was reported in Shirley on Monday, and authorities are looking into it. In the tiny community, friends and neighbors are outraged and curious about what occurred. On Monday morning, the driveway was clogged with Shirley Police and State Police cars. The residence at 111 Groton Rd. was surrounded by yellow crime scene tape.

The residence was originally notified to police about 1 p.m. on Monday. More crime scene detectives arrived in the driveway throughout the evening. State troopers were spotted unloading their equipment and entering the residence to collect evidence. Officials from the District Attorney’s office stated they were looking into a homicide at a residence on Groton Road. The resident, according to grieving neighbors, is a man in his sixties.

According to the Middlesex District Attorney’s office, the incident is being regarded as a suspicious death at this moment. They also claimed that this inquiry is still in its early stages, and more information will be released as it becomes available. Kara Oliveira, a victim’s neighbor, described the situation as awful. His name, she claimed, was Bill Hatch, further stating that he was a good man and one of her closest friends.

She added that she doesn’t have any idea how he died. The victim’s brother, who requested anonymity, also resides in town. Bill Hatch was 69 years old and lived independently, he revealed. He claimed he saw his sibling every day, but because of the storm, he didn’t come by on Sunday. He said that his brother’s girlfriend contacted him at 1 a.m. to tell him to come by the house right away.

Acquaintances say he was a good man

When he arrived, he stated he was questioned by police, but he wouldn’t explain what happened. He was a fantastic individual. Kyle Clapper, another neighbour, stated that he met him maybe four times, and the man was giving him rides anytime he needed. The victim’s screen door had been knocked out, and all of the blinds had been closed, according to the original call to police.

The Middlesex County District Attorney issued a statement that included that the ongoing investigation into a fatality that happened today on Groton Road in Shirley has been verified by Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Shirley Chief of Police Samuel Santiago, and that this is being looked at as a possible suspicious death.

When police arrived, they discovered shoe prints inside the residence. Prosecutors said a Massachusetts State Police detective assigned to the district attorney’s office is working with the Shirley Police Department to investigate. Shirley’s police chief informed that residents need not be concerned since there is no public safety danger, according to him.

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