Disney has reached a deal with the Union to require all of its employees to be fully vaccinated

Vaccination mandatory for Walt Disney employees

The Walt Disney Company said on Friday that it has struck an agreement with its unions that all unionized staff working at Walt Disney World in Florida must be completely vaccinated against Covid-19 by October 22, 2021. All employees working at the firm’s locations must be properly immunized. Employees who haven’t been vaccinated and work on-site will have 60 days to get the shot, according to the corporation.

Disney’s biggest union, STCU, represents over 30,000 Cast Members. Disney added that it is still in talks with other unions. The Walt Disney Company stated in late July that all paid and non-union hourly employees in the United States working at any of its locations will be required to be completely immunized. Since the pandemic outbreak, Disney has modified its safety standards to comply with local health requirements both home and abroad.

The announcement comes as Disney started easing pandemic restrictions at its domestic theme parks, demanding all employees and visitors to wear masks while indoors at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, independently of vaccination status. COVID-19 infections are on the rise in several regions of the nation because of the contagious delta strain. The Pfizer vaccination is being offered to Disney staff members.

The vaccination policy is still somewhat flexible

All new workers must be vaccinated, and proof of immunization will be needed. There has been no agreement reached with the unions that represent Disneyland Resort workers on the west coast. The requirement is now being discussed with the unions. According to the union, cast members who do not comply with the vaccination rule and do not request a reasonable accommodation will be fired from the firm with a ‘yes’ rehire status.

Disney said in a statement that throughout the pandemic, the safety and well-being of their workers has been and continues to be a primary concern at The Walt Disney Company, and that vaccines are the most effective tool they have to combat this pandemic pandemic and safeguard their staff members. For the next few weeks, Disney will offer on-site vaccination sessions.

Workers with medical conditions or sincerely held religious beliefs will be able to demand accommodations through a negotiated process that guarantees immediate processing of requests for accommodation, weekly meetings between the Union and the Company to address issues as they occur, a justification if any accommodation is rejected, and access to the grievance procedure should there be a disagreement.

In a message to workers sent on Monday, the union stated that vaccines are safe, efficient, and free. a Disney spokesman stated that they value the engagement and communication with the union leaders as they prioritize the health and safety of their Cast Members, and receiving the immunization is the greatest way to safeguard one another.

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