Sofia Vergara Secures $6M Funding For Her Lingerie Brand EBY

Actress Sofia Vergara from a modern family, Co founder of a lingerie brand was able to secure a pumping $6M of investment. This EBY lingerie brand was founded by Renata Black and Sofia Vergara in 2018. Their aim is to make this brand an industry leader that will takeover all the other brands in near future. In women seamless innerwear industry.

Sofia-Vergara-Secure-6M-funding for EBY Lingerie Brand

$6M is A Breakthrough For EBY

This invest will push the brand to heights in near future. Now the goal of EBY lingerie brand is that every single

Women that wears leggings must be wearing our EBY under wears.

Renata Black that is also the chief executive officer of this lingerie brand told the WWD that the reason behind their goal is that, No matter what product you put along with EBY undergarments. When it comes to wearing seamless we are the ultimate authority because of our technology used in the EBY garments.

Its a total performance based product because the one and significate feature is that it solves a problem that nearly every women faces that is Bunching, Picking and Wedgie that you don’t want.

Purpose Behind The Brand Name

Sofia-Vergara-Secure-6M-funding for EBY Lingerie Brand

The brand name EBY stands for Empowered By You. That explains itself and uses a patented flocking or in other words No Slip Grip for all its Bras and Panties.

The Main Aim Of EBY Brand

Renata Black While Giving an interview also stated that the aim is not to just sell under wears or to be known as a business for women founded by women, or a brand that’s size inclusive but rather than that EBY has a purpose.

How Will $6M Be Used To Support Women

In other words the best part of getting this $6M funding is that 10 percent of the brand earnings will go to a foundation named seven bar foundation. Which is a nonprofit foundation and it supports all the women living in poverty. Teaching them finance and helping them start their own business.

Sofia-Vergara-Secure-6M-funding for EBY Lingerie Brand

How it Unfolded and The Unique Idea Behind The Lingerie Brand

The brand that start as subscription model, supplying a pair of three under wears  one time in three months is now fully function and also operated E-commerce store online. Which enables its customers to buy a monthly subscriptions.

The CEO said, Do you really need subscription Underwear ? Well if you are a very busy and you receive a pair of three under wears every three months than its a blessing.

Victoria’s Secret Mentorship That Paid

She continued saying that she’s very thankful to the founder of the very well known brand Victoria Secret’s Grace Nicholas. As she was one of her earlier mentors in this business.




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