Keith Urban’s inspiring and emotional video for the fans explaining about how he made bold career statement

A rough start for a big talent

Keith Urban has had a long and illustrious career, but it has not always been easy for him, and on Thursday he shared a tragic event that might have ruined his life forever. The singer shared a flashback video of himself singing on what seemed to be a talent competition on social media. He was only a teenager, but he had unquestionable skill as a vocalist and guitarist.

Unfortunately, the show’s judge did not perceive him as a solo artist and informed him he lacked the strength to do so. Keith then released a video depicting himself rocking out on stage as a successful global celebrity, captioning the video, ‘Sometimes… you just gotta prove em’ wrong’, in order to urge his followers not to give up on their ambitions.

His admirers showered him with praise and made observations, stating that they love that he’s a solo artist with a fantastic band, being proud of the singer that he proved them wrong, and another person added that Keith certainly disproved their claims. He is really gifted.  Fans are very proud of everything he has accomplished and continue to do so. While some described what an amazing musical journey he has had, others claimed he moved them to tears with his words.

They’ve built up their American dream

Keith not only has a successful profession, but also a wonderful family with his wife, Nicole Kidman. Both celebs have had their ups and downs, and the actress from Nine Perfect Strangers recently spoke up about her life before notoriety. Keith appeared to be a completely different person as a youngster, but his skill was obvious.

Nicole, who was born in Australia, told Glamour UK as the digital magazine’s cover girl that she has always been conscious of privilege because both her parents started from scratch. The actress said they had nothing when they came to America. Her family had to go to the Salvation Army and acquire a given mattress for them all to sleep on, while Nicole Kidman’s mother assisted her father in completing his PhD because he originated from a poor background.

She went on and spoke about Keith’s growing up: she married a man who is completely self-made and who claims that every brick in his house is a concert. He grew up on a farm, in a shed, to be exact. They didn’t have a place to sleep. Four of them resided in a shed that was later destroyed by fire. They’ve mentioned a community that pulled together to aid their family because they were homeless.

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