Easter Eggs in ‘Phasmophobia’ latest Update Can Restore Teammate’s Sanity To 100%! All Bugs Fixed

“Phasmophobia” 2022 Easter latest update gives gamers freedom to hunt Easter eggs, which can be found in various locations across the games world.

Kinetic Games launched this brand new event on Apr. 15. However, players will get these updated features and experience the new Easter egg enhancement after Apr. 19. But, one would still need to be alert since ghosts are still active during the latest in-game event. You can find the Easter eggs by taking care of the new indicator that has been added to the truck.

‘Phasmophobia’ 2022 Easter Update

According to latest reports from various sources, the new event will not offer rewards to the players. Instead, by collecting the hidden Easter eggs players in “Phasmophobia” can restore the sanity of their teammates up to 100%.

Although players expectation of getting real rewards will not come true but this new Easter Egg event of Kinetic Games is still quite a lot fun. Aside from this, the game developer also informed about few of the new bug fixes.

These include the following upgrades:

  • Fixed a bug where the CCTV camera number wasn’t updating in the truck
  • Fixed a bug where Banshee’s were killing non-targets near doors
  • Fixed a bug where hidden Willow hiding spots would still occlude the level
  • Fixed a bug where a Ridgeview basement light didn’t turn on
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost couldn’t interact with one of the paintings
  • Fixed a bug where the top daily challenge slider was interactable

Other than these bug solutions, Kinetic Games also informed the players about the addition of a new visual indicator that PC and VR gamers could take advantage of. The CCTV night vision brightness is also increased by the developers.

‘Phasmophobia’ Now Supports ALL VRs?

Easter Eggs in 'Phasmophobia'

VG247 recently reported that Kinetic Games would now allow “Phasmophobia” to be compatible with all VR headsets.

“There’s loads to unpack here for our VR players, as well as some little nuggets of content for everyone else,” said the game developer via its official Steam blog post.

Aside from VR support, Kinetic Games also released some enhancements that allow gamers to have more options when grabbing in-game items.

Back in 2020, Kinetic Games released the new “Phasmophopbia” Prison map.

This was followed up by the new “Phasmophobia” Prison map level.

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