Jan Zelezny: Longest Javelin throw World Record holder, Net worth, Family and Lifestyle in 2022

Jan Zelezny is one the legends in javelin throw universe who is from Czechoslovakia and have won gold medals in major javelin throw events such as the Olympic Games and World Championships.

The athlete made himself the most respected personality as he is still the world record holder with a throw of 98.48 meters. If anyone looks back at his Career, Zelezny has won several gold medals and made his country proud.

Jan is also considered one of the greatest modern javelin throwers, having fourth, fifth, and sixth-best performances.


Jan zelezny family photo

Jan Zelezny, a former Czech javelin thrower, was born on June 16, 1966, in the scenic location of Mlada Boleslav, Czechoslovakia.

His close family consists of his parents and his brother Micmaela Zelezna. His parents always supported him in pursuing his career in athletics however there is not much information about his parents identity.

Their is only a limited amount of information about his education or sports life, but the some details like, “he studied at a local high school to receive a formal education” is known to the media.

Zelezny was always interested in athletism since his childhood and used to play a variety of sports like handball and hockey.


And a long hustle in national level Jan Zelezny made his first international appearance in the 1983 junior world championship where he finished at the sixth spot, making the throw of 71.26 meters at that event which was held at Schwechat, Austria.

After seeing Zelezny’s potential his father trained him professionally, he taught him the basics like various techniques of throwing the javelin as well as advance and professional practices like throwing the iron handball.

In his early life when he was not a professional javelin thrower, Jan represented Czech army and reached till the rank of Major.

Similar to many other athletes faced a back injury since his early career, which led him to miss many big events throughout his career.

His biggest Injury ever was in 1990 when he suffered from a broken torso which not had an impact on his physical capabilities but also costed him an entire season break from the hame.


Jan made his debut in 1988 Olympics held in Seoul and Throughout his professional career he participated in a total of four Olympic games.

In his debut Olympics he made a humongous throw of 84.12 meters and bagged the second-place winning a silver medal in his country.

Similarly, in 1992 olympics held in Barcelona, he made his second Olympic appearance, where he improved his past performance and made a massive 89.66 meters throw and won his first ever gold medal in the Olympic games.

Likewise, the athlete continued his gold medal streak in his third appearance in Atlanta in 1996, where he again made a gold medal winning throw of 88.1 meters.

Finally, in his last Olympic i.e. 2000 Sydney Olympics, Jan broke all records and threw a monstrous throw of 90.17 meters. After which he was elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee.


The popular Czech athlete made a total of eight World Championship appearance throughout his professional career. Out of which, he was successfully in winning the championship in three years; 1993, 1995, and 2001.

During the World Championship held in the city Stuttgart of Germany, in 1993, he made a massive throw of 85.98 meters to secure his first-ever World Championships gold medal.

Similarly, he won his second and third gold medals with a even better throws of 89.58 meters and 92.80 meters in 1995 and 2001, respectively.


This Czech javelin thrower is the only athlete across the globe to hit the market of 95 meters after the changes made in the type of javelin.

However, many throwers tried to break his record but till now noone is able to beat the mark set by Jan Zelezny.


Jan Zelezny Javelin throw World Record holder

  • Sixth place at the European Junior Championships at Schwechat, Austria, with the throw of 71.26 meters in 1983.
  • Fourth place at the European Junior Championships at Cottbus, East Germany, with the throw of 75.10 meters in 1985.
  • Third place at the World Championships in Rome, Italy, with the throw of 82.20 meters in 1987.
  • Third place at the European Championships in Helsinki, Finland, with the throw of 82.58 meters in 1984.
  • First place at the European Championships at Gothenburg, Sweden, with the throw of 89.58 meters in 1985.
  • First place at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, the United States, with a throw of 88.16 meters in 1986.
  • Third place at the World Championships at Seville, Spain, with the throw of 87.67 meters in 1999.
  • Fourth place at the World Championships in Paris, France, with the throw of 84.09 meters in 2003.
  • Third place at the European Championships at Gothenburg, Sweden, with the throw of 85.92 meters in 2006.


The former Czech athlete is currently living a happy married life with his beautiful wife, Martha and are blessed with two gorgeous children named Jan and Jana Zelezny.


One of the most famous javelin throwers from the Czech who is currently serving as the national coach is still earning a great amount of money.

As of 2022, the total estimated net worth of Jan Zelezny is expected to be in a range of $1 Million to $5 Million.

Current the only source of income of Zelezny is his job as the coach, while he used to make huge amount of money during his professional career.

As the most famous and the best athlete of his time, Jan used to make the most from his brand endorsements and sponsorships compared to other athletes.

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