Former ABC Pioneer Australian Journalist Caroline Jones died at 84

One of the most reputed female Australian journalist Caroline Jones, who died at the age of 84 earlier this week, will always be remembered as one of the ‘kindest, gracious and wise soul’, and a ‘warrior for women’ who never considered having children for her pleasure but decided to build a ‘gold standard’ career for herself.

Ms Jones, better known for her hosting which set the benchmark for the current affairs show Four Corners, died after a fall at her Greenwich home in Sydney.

Tributes and homage flooded social media on Friday and Saturday for the Jones from all across the globe, who was overwhelmingly remembered as an outstanding reporter, and a woman of rare generosity and passion for her craft.

Canberra journalist Emma Macdonald with Caroline Jones, who passed away this week aged 84 after a fall at his home.

She was especially considered as a champion and a role model for many women and that too not only in journalism field but women in general and she was also a very big supporter of the Australian Matildas football team which she showed on various occasions.

A Womens group from the Media sector printed one of her quotes on a t-shirt that read: ‘I know there is a special place in heaven for women who help other women.’

Journalist Caroline Jones died

Several female reporters revealed on social media that Jones had personally contacted them to congratulate them on their work.

‘She once emailed me out of the blue to compliment a story I did. THE Caroline Jones! Couldn’t believe it,’ said Isabel Roe a Sydney-based Queenslander.

Caroline Jones was an award-winning journalist who spent 53 years working for the ABC and supporting her female colleagues and inspired many others.

‘I saw her at an event just a few weeks ago. What a shock. Thank you for everything you’ve done Caroline.’

Former ABC managing director Mark Scott called her ‘a giant of Australian journalism’, while Lisa Wilkinson said she was ‘a pioneer in particular for generations of female journalists’ and became ‘the gold standard’.

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