Tesla Phone Is Real News or Fake? When it is going to Launch, Expected Price, Specification and Many More.

The Rumor of Tesla Phone in Smartphone market is on hype now a days by the modal name as Tesla Pi or Tesla P, But no any creditable source has confirmed the existence of that type of production in market, where as Elon Musk is very Twitter Friendly he use to share everything on Twitter but about this he haven’t shared anything this is indicate differently. But if we think of possibility of this phone so lets discuss something interesting thing can be there in that phone.


Release Date Estimated as:

As on September 14, 2020 Clean Technica on its twitter handle shared about Tesla watch that it is coming soon but in reply of that Elon Musk mentioned that Smart watches  and Phones are yesterday’s technology, Neuralinks are the future.

Based on that information rumors are simply fantasies there is no any mindset of Elon Musk to launch any type of Phone but as he mentioned that Neuralinks are Future so till 2030 we will be going to see Neuralinks in market which will be great success and will change the world.

Tesla Phone Price Rumor:

Phone with great specifications mentioned below according to Rumor in market is been assumed between $800 to 1200, but don’t get happy as there is any type of Tesla Phone going to be in future.

Here what we have heard about the Tesla Phone:

  • Satellite Internet –It is Imposible
  • Solar Charging – Need Huge Hardware
  • Vehicle Control – its simple technology
  • Astrophotography  – Must think about this after 2050
  • Crypto Mining – Not possible under $800-1200 to work as per requirement
  • Neuralinks Support – After Neuralinks comes in market we will think about this.

Must Know about the Hardware Rumors in Market:

  • Storage – 1-2 Tb
  • RAM Size– 16GB +
  • Screen Size– 6.5 inches
  • Display Type– AMOLED
  • Camera- 1024 MP
  • Charging Source– Solar only
  • Internet connectivity– Satellite

How to forget about images on web being used on name of Tesla Phone lets have look below:

elon musk tesla phone ELON MUSK TESLA PHONE FAKE IMAGE tesla phone 2nd image fake


The Above mentioned details were impressive but was just rumor so for further any information visit Joplin Business Journal and stay connected for latest News.

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