$10 billion startup Notion acquiring popular Calendar App Cron

One of the leading startups Notion is acquiring the popular calendar app Cron, which was announced by  Notion’s representatives earlier this Thursday. Notion already had allowed for a two-way sync with Google Calendar, but as per the latest news Notion will now have a scheduling app of its own.

“Time is a fundamental layer of software and our daily workflows,” co-founder and CEO Ivan Zhao wrote in a Notion blog post.

Digital calendaring is a trending thing, where there is a lot of competition with multiple startups like Calendly, Clockwise and Fantastical trying to make time-tracking and scheduling as easy as possible. Cron is also one of them but it is new in this competition, raising a seed round of $3.5 million in 2020 and rolling out its beta in 2021. It looks just another standard calendar app, but gives extra features such as keyboard shortcuts to quickly create and schedule events. Cron was ranked product of the month in November 2021 on Product Hunt.

It’s a past trend that many big tech companies tend to buy popular startup calendar apps. Who can forget Sunrise, an early geek favorite until it was swallowed up by Microsoft in 2015.

Notion acquiring Calendar app Cron

Notion’s influence in the productivity space exploded in 2020 and has since been growing steadily. It reached $10 billion valuation after raising $275 million in October of last year, led by Sequoia and Coatue. In September, the company acquired Indian startup Automate.io to expand its integration efforts. The acquisition of Cron shows Notion’s ambitions to become even more of an all-in-one workspace.

“The first thing many people do in the morning is check their calendar,” Notion’s blog post reads. “It anchors the day, paints a picture of what’s ahead, and keeps track of how we spend our most precious resource: time.”

Cron co-founder and CEO Raphael Schaad expressed his excitement to be partnering with Notion, though he reassured Cron fans that the calendar will still exist as a separate app. “We’ll work with Notion to bring the two products closer together to unlock powerful workflows,” he wrote in a blog post. “The two apps side by side is already a common sight among our users.”

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