Netflix password sharing will soon come to an end

Netflix will reportedly start cracking down on password sharing globally on its platform.
According to Forbes, anyone who doesn’t live in the same household but uses the same Netflix account of hers will have to purchase a password sharing option or create a separate account. The move is scheduled for March 2023.
Streaming platforms check the devices used on individual accounts if they are detected outside the home. This can happen permanently when the device is outside the “home”.

To verify your device:

Netflix will send a link to the primary account holder’s email address or phone number. Clicking on the link will open a page with a 4-digit verification code.
The code must be entered into the device within 15 minutes. If it has expired, you will need to request a new code.
As long as the device is connected to the primary user’s Internet connection, the user does not need to check the device.

The company also announced that Reed Hastings has stepped down as co-CEO of Netflix to become chairman, and that Greg Peters has moved from COO to co-CEO of Ted Sarandos.

Meanwhile, it was reported last month that Netflix plans to end his password sharing feature in early 2023.

The company has long recognized that password sharing was a problem that negatively impacted its bottom line, but a surge in subscriptions in 2020 meant the streaming giant didn’t address the issue.Past 1 With revenue declining for the year and the platform losing subscribers for the first time in a decade, Hastings decided it was time to act.

Last October, the streaming giant announced a “profile transfer” feature to prevent password sharing, rolled out to all members worldwide.

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