Ferrari is developing a technology that is similar to Tesla’s plans for its next Roadster, according to reports from The Drive. In 2019, the Italian car company patented a high-performance car with rocket thrusters and recently listed it in the US Patent database. This could suggest that a future Ferrari sports car may feature this technology, similar to what Tesla has proposed for its electric sports car.

Ferrari’s recently patented technology shows the potential for a concept similar to Tesla’s plans for its next Roadster’s “SpaceX package.” Tesla had proposed using cold gas or compressed air thrusters for faster acceleration and even hovering capabilities. Ferrari’s patented “pulsejet system” may utilize compressed air thrusters for improved acceleration.

The patent expects the technology to enhance the car’s braking and handling capabilities. It also details that Ferrari plans to install compressed air tanks or liquid fuel systems at the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle, similar to the rocket thrusters used on spaceships for maneuvering. Along with, it mentions that the minimum number of compressed air tanks and gas pushers will be one each, and they will be connected to each other.

The mainframe will integrate the technology, which will include a series of outward facing nozzles that can produce air jets when activated.  They are of the same orientation and size, allowing for the creation of various pneumatic thrusts from the compressed air flow. However, the Ferrari patent does not mention whether the pulsejet system will allow the car to hover, as Elon Musk envisioned for the next-generation Tesla Roadster.

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