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CBS’s “SEAL Team” is in with the fourth episode in the series. Named “Shockwave”, Warrant Officer Ray Perry goes missing and has set the audience’s teeth on edge. Directed by Ruben Garcia and scripted by Tom Mularz, the fourth episode is all set to air on December 16, 2020, which is a Wednesday. “SEAL Team” is a military drama that depicts the professional and personal lives of Navy SEALs belonging to the most elite squads (Bravo Team, for instance) as they train, practice, and plan out the most lethal, highly-confidential missions of the United States of America.

Seal Team Release Date and Cast

Respected leader of the Tier One team. Jason Hayes has had a tragic life due to his intense warrior’s existence. His team comprises of his most trusted and close friend Ray Perry, the long-time serving operator with whom Jason shares a deep relationship, Sonny Quinn, an exclusively talented and loyal soldier with a haunting and hurtful past who still battles self-harming and suicidal temptations and tendencies, Clay Spenser, a young, youthful, multilingual, second-generation SEAL with an impressive drive, dedication and arrogance. Ensign Lisa Davis, a dominant officer, who doesn’t play around and is deadly serious, is also part of the group. Executing plans and carrying out globally wide missions, despite the effects it has on their respective families, this head-strong SEAL team showcases unwavering patriotism and ruthless attitudes even in the faces of overwhelming, life-threatening dangers and discrepancies.

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David Boreanaz takes up the lead role of Jason Hayes, young Clay Spenser is played by Max Thierot, and Ray Perry is played by Neil Brown Jr. Sappy Quinn is played by AJ Buckley, Toni Trucks is the no-nonsense officer Lisa Davis and Mandy Ellis is Jessica Paré. The frequently recurring cast members are played by Scott Foxx, Tyler Grey, and Judd Lormand, taking up the roles of Full Metal, Trent Sawyer, and Lt.Cdr.Eric Blackburn, respectively. Guest actors/ actresses and the celebrities wholly cameo roles are Jamie McShane, Ammar Daraiseh, Parisa Fakhri, Jonathan Medina, Tim Chiou, Emily Swallow, and Alone Tal. The show had positive reviews and is currently running successfully.

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