It’s not new to hear when celebrities get arrested for illegal possession of drugs and definitely not surprising when they defend themselves by laying out excuses to get out of the allegations and stating they are false.

Several celebrities have also faced charges when those accusations are proven true and due to their illegal activities and celebrities have to face extreme criticism for such crimes they committed. One such incident took place recently when the popular rapper which had his debut album on the billboard charts is now arrested for illegal gun and marijuana possession by the NYC police officials.

Lil Tjay arrested for having a gun and marijuana

When lil Tjay was driving on the New York streets on 30th of December he was told to pull over when the New York police caught him not signaling while switching lanes. This is a common driving mistake but what surprised the officers was when they searched the 19 year old black SUV car they found four loaded pistols and a big amount of marijuana drug  inside a bag at the back of the seat. The officers filed a complaint against the rapper for illegal possession of firearms and drugs. The police even stated in the court papers that a robbed weapon complaint of The Smith & Wesson pistol that was allegedly found in lil Tjay SUV.

Lil tjay ran out of luck after getting arrested

About four days ago after another complaint was filed against lil tjay accusing them for waving guns on the streets. Police came over immediately and searched his vehicle but were unable to find any firearm or anything illegal hence he was released on lack of evidence but ran out of luck when the police pulled over his car again and found weapons and weed in the rappers SUV.

Charges on the rapper and 4 others

There were various charges framed on the rapper including four other people  in the vehicle. The charges include illegal possession of firearms drugs and possession of someone’s property. Although the rapper has refused to acknowledge the weapons and drugs found in his car and his lawyer stated the police are harassing him for a complaint which was not true and that was filed a few days ago.

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