LAVIE will bring a dream into reality even after several attempts at pc gaming  consoles by other companies that unfortunately could not launch it into the market. Lenovo and NCE worked together in bringing Lavie and now at CES event in 2021 it will launch its much anticipated and dream project Lavie Mini. The computer gaming console mixture product Lavie mini has the goal to alike  to Nintendo switch that is extremely popular.

Some notable features on the LAVIE mini

Lavie mini has tremendous specifications to look forward to and this hybrid product will surely gain massive attention since it’s the first ever to actually get launched. Although its access will be limited to china only but if the product is successful and there is demand it will definitely be launched in the globally. The most key features on the Lavie mini are mentioned below:

  • Touch display screen of 8 inches of 1920×1200 pixels resolution
  • Also a 11th Generation processor(intel i7)
  • Graphics will be by Iris Xe
  • A 16GB RAM and 256 GB(SSD storage)
  • It weighs about 579 grams which is reasonable
  • Optical touch sensor like blackberry
  • Zero touch login with Windows Hello with an IR camera
  • Also a modern standby
  • Also an optional HDMI connected dock for attachment to Television

These prime features in this compact laptop and hybrid product offers features that are worth buying but the price and availability of the LAVIE mini is questionable. Whether this product will launch or consumers will be disappointed by another failed product in the list.

Previous attempts at the PC gaming console hybrid

Previously on CES there has been several companies that launched the same product with new twist of their own but unfortunately did not even launch for sales. Just like Alienware’s product UFO which seemed promising in the event but after the event there was no updates on when the product will get officially launched which added it to a failed attempt at this hybrid product concept. Although when some companies did launch their own unique versions of the products they did not perform well in sales. This clearly showcases this field is tricky to enter except Nintendo switch. Hopefully this will bring the dream into a reality.

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