Valorant 3.01 Patch Update comes with account leveling fix, Bug Fixes and latest League of Legends Theme

Valorant is launching its latest patch on July 7, 2021, which is an updated version with all the issues which are account issues or bugs fixed. This update is named patch 3.01 and it is the first update after the Valorant launches its episode 3. From a tweet from Valorant, we get the information about the releasing patch timing. They revealed that the patch will be launched as usual that is based on the regions.

About Valorant 3.01 Launching information

As Valorant 3.01 patch launched today, we do not have patch notes. But after some time we get the information about the improvement or updates in this new update. This update is a minor update that fixed or sorts all the updates and fixes the bugs or maybe other issues. It was not announced or we have no leads that there is any new thing in this update. But there are rumors which say that this update has Yoru Buffs.

Patches releasing date in different countries in India :

Valorant 3.01 Patch Notes

  • PST 08:00 AM
  • EST 11:00 AM
  • GMT 04:00 PM
  • IST 09:30 PM
  • JST 01:00 AM
  • IST 9:30 PM

BUG FIXES in new update 3.01

Agents Bugs

  • No barrier can to applied by Sage on some projectiles motion being they are in the air.
  • It also fixed the bug when skype was able to activate the flash of guiding light.
  • This update also fixed the ability to heal KAY/O while downed in NULL/CMD

Social Bugs

  • It fixed the problem in text chat color to impersonate system messages.
  • It also fixed the invite button which overlapped with the defender coach previously in the custom games.
  • It also fixed the problem when the sign of the question mark is shown in the location of the name.

Progression Bugs

  • It fixed some Spectator alignment issues.
  • Some visual issues are fixed which will affect Account Levels on the End Game screenplay.
  • We also fixed the issue that some people have the lower account but it supposes to be higher.

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