Joey Lawrence Is Engaged to Samantha Cope After his Divorce with Wife Chandie

Exciting news about the couple

It has been confirmed that the 45-year-old actor is engaged to Samantha Cope (34 years old). This happens roughly 1 year after his divorce from his former wife, Chandie Yawn-Nelson.

Whilst advertising his latest feature ‘Swim’, which will premiere on the streaming site Tubi on August 13, the former child star revealed the information. Joey met Samantha on the set of ‘A Deadly Deed’ movie, which will stream on TV, directed by Joey’s sibling, Andrew.

Reporters questioned him about a prospective wedding and Joey responded that there are a lot of things happening at the moment and that they will shortly discuss about it, calling Samantha ‘the best person ever’.

Joey Lawrence revealed that when he had met Samantha on set he had surprisingly fallen in love out of nowhere, also claiming that it was a wild year and a half for the entire world.

In a very optimistic manner, he stated that ‘when you least expect’, fantastic things take place. According to him, meeting Samantha has been the most incredible experience of his life.

Last month, the actress posted an appreciation message on Instagram for her fiancé with the hashtag #gratitude, before their engagement has been made official. Samantha captioned a snapshot of the two with, ‘appreciation post for this guy’:

‘Life is so full of blessings but also little unpredictable battles. I can’t thank you enough for staying positive even in the toughest of times. You’re my fav babe.’

The epidemic certainly altered their approach to discovering each other. Lawrence remarked that he can be totally upfront about his love, stating that it is wonderful to be this age and have that arise since all formality is gone and nobody is playing games anymore.

Joey’s family and past relationships


Lawrence has two children with Chandie, his second wife, whom he married in 2005 after meeting while they were both teenagers. After 15 years of being married, the couple welcomed their children before ended the relationship last July.

In addition, the actor was previously married to Michelle Vella from 2002 until their divorce was finalized three years later.

Joey mentioned that his two kids, Charleston and Liberty, have met his Samantha Cope and that they ‘like her a lot’. He said it’s been a struggle for them as well, even though they’re 15 and 11 years old and doing wonderfully.

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