Rogue Georgia Cop Filmed in Viral X-Rated TikTok in Uniform

A Cop from Georgia thought that no one was watching him and tried took advantage as when he took his squad car to a area with a lot of trees on a quiet road in a small town in Georgia, walked around the back, and started having sex with someone while in uniform.

But someone this act from high up in a nearby telecommunications tower and started filming misbehavior and later  uploaded the videos on TikTok which then quickly racked up more than 15 million views in a very short time span.

The video uploaded on TikTok was captioned “Police caught on cam!!!”, along with hashtags of #towerclimbers and #dirtydeeds.

@318dillydilly Police caught on cam!!! 🤣 #Towerclimbers #fypシ #police #dirtydeeds #Ga ♬ original sound – 318dillydilly

Later the police officer was identified by the local news channel WRDW as Millen Police Officer Larry “Benjamin” Thompson, was has quite a record of past misconduct which came to light after which he quit his job.

The area seen in the TikTok videos was confirmed with the help of Satellite maps from White Oak Road in Millen (a town of about 3,500 people about an hour south of Augusta) that shows the same tower, nearby cemetery, and patches of dirt and bushes. A school can also be across the street in the maps.

Georgia Cop Filmed in Viral X-Rated TikTok

Millen Police Chief Dwayne Herrington told WRDW he was planning to meet with Thompson on Monday about a “video” but Thompson quit beforehand. Georgia state records show Thompson had worked on-and-off for the department since 2015.

According to Millen City Council meeting minutes, in the past Thompson was involved in various misconducts such as in a car crash while at work in November 2019, WRDW also reported that he killed a 76-year-old driver, identified in a local obituary as Lewis Jenkins, when he t-boned Jenkins’ car while racing to a call at 86 miles per hour, The network also obtained investigation documents showing that, while working for the Millen fire department in 2017, Thompson accidentally discharged his gun, shooting a colleague in the arm.

He claimed the gun malfunctioned while he was cleaning it but an internal probe found the weapon had no malfunctions. “This is not an excuse to be accepted; only a reflection after the fact,” the criminal investigative division wrote in its report. “Though it is referred to as an ‘accidental discharge,’ essentially it is a ‘negligent discharge.’”

Then in 2020, a woman who’d been in a relationship with Thompson contacted Millen Police to accuse him of harassing her. Thompson admitted to running her tags to find her new address, claiming he was trying to return some old items to her, according to a case summary. He was also suspended for two days on those charges.

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