One of the fan-favorite character isn’t going to survive the Season 5 finale of “The Good Doctor”. Find out who will die.

The popular British medical drama is again going to leave its fans in tears by killing this fan-favorite character in the Season Finale of The Good Doctor Series 5. The news came as a shock as everything was going well. Fans were not even done celebrating the marriage of the lead character Shaun and Lea and now one of their beloved cast is going to leave the show.

This isn’t the first time they are doing this, popular medical drama is known for leaving their characters behind. Whether it’s dashing Choku Modu’s character Dr. Kalu or our fan-favorite head Surgeon Dr. Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez). When we thought Claire and Melendez are going to be a thing they killed him in an accident.

What to Expect from The Good Doctor Season 5 Finale?

Whether someone dies or not, fans are getting what they deserve as the finale sneak peek released by ABC shows that season 5 of The Good Doctor would end with the long-awaited wedding of Dr. Shaun Murphy and St. Bonaventure IT specialist Lea Dilallo. But a more devastating cliffhanger teaser portrays Dr. Lim calling for a crash cart. This looks alarming and tries to throw the fans off the track.

Early calculations are a bit hard to do. The turn of events is hard to depict and in the medical drama, it’s hard to know which character could die in advance.

Who would die in the Season 5 finale of The Good Doctor? The most likely ones.

It is confirmed that one of the characters needs medical assistance and will not return in the next Season. While it’s too early to know which one, for that, we have to wait for the 16th of May. But here is a look at the people most likely to die.

Will Dr. Glassman die
Will Dr. Glassman die in the Season 5 finale of The Good Doctor

Everyone is most worried about Dr. Glassman not surviving the finale as Richard’s character always had health issues from the very beginning. Also, the episode is titled ‘Sons’ which could be an alarming sign and could end the father-son relationship between Shaun and Glassman.

However, Dr. Glassman is less likely to die being a prominent character throughout the series unless five seasons have been enough for Richard Schiff. Also, it would be so terrible for Shaun to go from celebrating his marriage to mourning for his father figure.

If it isn’t Glassman then there are few other good options. Subplots are going right now one being Dr. Audrey Lim helping one of the nurses deal with her abusive boyfriend. it could be her injured by another attack.

The next good option could be the parents of Dr. Asher Wolke. As they came with a big reveal to him and also the title would be appropriate for this subplot. He sees his dad one last time.

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Will The Good Doctor return for a Season 6?

The Good Doctor was officially renewed for season six earlier and we could expect to see Shaun evolve as a Husband and might be as a parent. There is so much potential for upcoming seasons and also the fan following is not decreasing at all. So don’t expect to say bye to your beloved medical drama soon enough.

The Good Doctor airs on Mondays at 10 EST on ABC.




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