Masters of The Universe Revelation Season 3 Sneak Peek| Major Spoilers Ahead

Masters of The Universe Revelations is a treat to the fans of the original He-man series from 1983 named Masters of The Universe. For the older audience, it is a walk down their memory lane. 80’s kids have loved the show a lot and have shown their full support for the Netflix adaptation of the Franchise.

Not just the 80’s kids, but in today’s world young ones like to watch classic old shows and due to the magic of the internet, it is possible. Unlike modern shows, they get to see the deep storyline of classic shows.

She- Ra Master of the Universe
She-Ra in Season 3 of Masters of the universe

Masters of The Universe: Revelation Season 1 and 2 Reception

The show has been an immense hit among the audience, everyone praised Netflix’s iteration of the He-man. The animation and VFX were amazing. The storyline was a little weak and looked like a single episode or a movie from 1984 stretched to seasons. But none can be blamed, today people like to binge-watch things and we cant expect a per-episode story. It causes distraction and as you have heard the motto is “Netflix and Chill”.

Season 1 and 2 Recap

In the First part He-man, our hero dies in the first episode itself. it is more of a story of Teela exploring her origins and accepting her fate to save the universe. It is a story of a world without heroes, where you have to save it yourself.

The next part continues with a resurrected but lost He-man as He is in human form as Adam. Skeletor has risen to power. Evil-lyn betrays Skeletor. Adam calls the power with his bare hands and He-primate.

Mother Board From season finale
Motherboard Close-Up

Season 2 ends with Evil-lyn getting defeated by Teela(by becoming Sorceress).

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 3 Sneak-peek

Mark Hamill recently hinted that he is voicing for season 3 by a tweet. So there is no surprise that it is going to happen. the main thing to keep an eye on will be the new characters getting introduced in part 3 of the series.

It will be a 5 episode series and the main Protagonist could be ‘The Motherboard’. We could also see a setup She-ra. There will be some double-crosses of mischievous Skeletor. The Series will return for part 3 in May 2023.

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