Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has been delayed for the longest time ever and now fans are wondering if there even is a season 2 for the anime. No new news has been released in the last week or even months. We are here with the expected release date and an explanation for the delay. The first episode of dragon ball super aired on July 5th, 2015, and instantly became a hit among dragon ball fans from all over the world.

Is Dragon Ball Super Sequel in the works?

131 episodes were released, with the title of the last episode being a miraculous conclusion farewell Goku until we meet again and fans have been waiting for the anime to return since then. Toei animation the studio behind the dragon ball series is said to have already started on season 2 but no official news has been released yet. There have been hints for a new second movie in the works.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Predictions

Broly in Dragon Ball Super

After the release of the Dragon Ball Super Movie, many fans expect season two of the Dragon Ball anime to feature Broly, but it has been confirmed that Broly will not be a part of season 2.

Dragon Ball Super Moro
Dragon Ball Super Moro

Moro Arc in the Sequel

Dragon Ball Super manga has been continuing for a while and even though the manga has strayed away from the anime plot, there are high chances that the Moro arc will be adapted for the second season. Everything about the upcoming Dragon Ball Super two is a rumor right now and nothing has been confirmed as of yet today. We will be discussing how things are going at the Toei animation and when can we expect season two to be released. So with all that there’s one question arising in everyone’s mind, dragon ball superhero movie announced when fans were looking forward to watching the Dragon Ball Season 2, a movie got announced for 2022. During the San Diego comic-con, the full title of the movie was revealed to be Dragon Ball Super Hero. Toei animation was working on a film but no announcements were made but now everything has been made official, the first teaser of the movie has been released even though fans are hyped for a dragon ball super movie this teaser means that the second season of the anime has been pushed for the next year.

Vegeta’s promise to Kabba to visit his planet once the tournament is over is still to be fulfilled and we expect seasons 2-2 have Vegeta visiting his planet. Most of the time anime adaptations are based on their ongoing manga chapter but for dragon ball, it’s different dragon ball super anime always had its plot and the manga lagged. We don’t expect the upcoming dragon ball super 2 to be fully based on the ongoing manga maybe Toei will have a unique plot for the anime.

Latest Dragon Ball Cover Art

Dragon Ball Super 2 Release date

So when can we expect it to be released? Realistically there is news of overlord season 4 and one punch man season 3 getting released soon as well so we keep you updated with their news as well as dragon ball super season 2’s expected release date because of the covid 19 situation. Many anime and Manga titles have been delayed and that may be one of the reasons behind Dragon Ball Super Season 2 not releasing this week. According to some unofficial sources on Twitter, the Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will start airing in July 2023 once the DBS hero movie is launched. According to our assumption season 2 is supposed to be in pre-production and if this information is true then the chances of season two premiering in 2023 increase immensely.

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