‘HUNTER X HUNTER’ Season 7 Release Date Confirmed via New Twitter Account of Author

Latest Update on HUNTER X HUNTER Release Date:

After getting the latest update from Twitter Account @TheHxHSource the release date of HUNTER X HUNTER is Confirmed i.e. September 25, 2022

Recently, a new account for The Hunter x Hunter author, “Yoshihiro Togashi” was launched on Twitter. The first tweet of the account suggested the manga’s return. This is among the most exciting announcements for everyone in the community.

Hunter x Hunter is among Manga that is the most-loved ever. The manga has published more than 36 volumes. However it went through several hiatus during its run. In the year the year of 2018, Yoshihiro Togashi took the longest break in the series to date and everyone in the manga community is waiting for the latest news regarding Hunter the series’continuation.

Hunter is Coming Back Hunter Is Coming to the Rescue

hunter x hunter season 7 release date

On the 24th of May, 2022 the mangaka logged onto Twitter in order to verify that he was working on the fourth chapter of Hunter and Hunter. At first, nobody was certain if the account of Togashi was genuine. In the end, Yusuke Murata, the creator for One Punch Man was following the brand new Twitter account and He also retweeted the tweet about the manga’s future.

Then, Murata tweeted that he’ll confirm whether the account belonging to Togashi is genuine or not by his next tweet. It did not take Murata this long to verify that it was indeed Togashi himself who set up the account. We can therefore conclude that the information concerning Hunter and Hunter’s return is also correct.

Additional chapters from Hunter x Hunter manga Hunter series Hunter manga could be in the near future, possibly ending an extended hiatus of the manga.

A Twitter account that is believed to be operated through Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi released a brief update on Tuesday. It’s A photo of the bottom corner of a manga’s page, with the words that roughly translate in “4 more episodes at present.” This account appears to be brand new, which means it’s unconfirmed, even though the bio says that it’s authentic and that Togashi is using it to track his development. One Punch Man creator Yusuko Murata claims that the account belongs to Togashi as well. Report Door has reached out to Viz Media, U.S. publisher of Hunter the Hunter series Hunter to verify the authenticity of the account.

The most recent issue of Hunter The most recent volume of Hunter Huntercame to market in the year 2018 in Japan. In the wake of numerous and significant health problems, Togashi has often taken breaks from his career. But, this latest break has been the longest to date.

Togashi started Hunter x Hunter in 1998. The manga as well as the two anime-based series based on it are set in an environment where licensed professionals known as Hunters embark on fantasiacal adventures, like finding dangerous monsters, hunting down criminals, or searching for treasure. The story follows a young boy, named Gon who is taking the Hunter Test to trace his lost father, who was a legendary Hunter himself. While on the hunt Gon is introduced to Killua who is the runaway inheritor of an assassin’s clan; Kurapika, the last member of a clan that was murdered and Leorio who is a medical student.

While Gon’s adventures are mostly ended after an incredibly epic Chimera Ant arc, the most recent manga volumes have shifted towards Kurapika. To avenge his fallen family and to reclaim their eyes stolen He embarks on an unforgiving journey to a foreign land, serving as the bodyguard for the baby princess. Leorio is also on board the ship and is serving as a steward on the Med Bay however we don’t get to have much to see of him.

hunter x hunter season 7 release date confirmed

In the English Translation of Tagoshi’s original post states, “For now, four chapters remain.” Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that at present the author is currently working on the next four chapters in the Manga Series. We don’t know the exact date of publication of the next chapter. We could however get some updates on the continuation of the manga in next few days, and we’ll amend this article as needed.

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Wrap Up

As per the above detailed information we can easily predict that production is goin to series the next season of this famous Manga Series on September 25 2022 . SO, all the Hunter X Hunter Fans will feel too excited after reading this article. So, keep updated with us to get the changes in sechedules and all other interesting information about this topic.


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