Azealia Banks Breaks Down During Miami Pride Show

Azealia Banks said to his fans that she is getting screwed over, and even though she doesn’t seem to be at angry at her fans … she still took it out on them during a Pride performance in Miami.

Azealia was present at the early Saturday morning — around 3 AM — for the Wynwood Pride concert, and was VERY over being there. The controversial rapper — who performed with her boobs out in public — started ranting about promoters jerking her around about her set times and whether she’s the headliner.

She brazenly told the crowd, “I’m really not happy to be here.” Azealia rambled a little more, and said she knew it wasn’t the fans’ fault … but she clearly wanted off that stage. She said, “I’m trying y’all, but it’s difficult.”

Appears that the concert promoters had enough though, because when Azealia again expressed her frustration by saying, “I really don’t wanna f***ing be here” … some DOP behind the stage cut off her mic.

That only pissed her off more, and pulled a spot-on mic drop … and left the stage with an angry face.

Azealia Banks Breaks Down During Miami Pride Show

Now, mind you … Azealia had only done about 4 songs at that point, so you can hear the crowd get restless — everyone started booing when they realized she wasn’t coming back.

Azealia was already an odd pick to headline the event … considering she’s come under fire, for good reason, from the LGBTQ+ community in the past. Remember, she’s called HIV/AIDS patients sex addicts, and dropped a homophobic epithet on a flight attendant.

Having the information that since her start she had a plethora of gay fans who always supported her whether she is stuck in any sort of situation. Can’t imagine they were thrilled, though, about her less than 30-minute set. Happy Pride?

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