Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and All Latest Updates

About the Shimoneta –

Shimoneta is a Japanese novel that was written by Hirotaka Akagi and illustrated by Eito Shimotsuki. The story of the series is about the future which is very high-tech. Shimoneta mainly tells you about the problem which normal people are facing right now in this world. Shimoneta is a movie series which got recently very famous as the plot of the series is very effective and connects to people very much and effectively. In the first season, the Shimoneta has only 12 episodes. and after the successful hit of the series, the fans were eagerly waiting for the second Season impatiently. So now let us know about the Release Date, caste, and other important updates of the Shimoneta Season 2 Series.

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date-

Shimoneta season 2 Release Date

In recent times, the Series which get popular and fans are waiting for the next season of the series. Here we are talking about the recently famous series Shimoneta. The Shimoneta Season 2 Release date is out now and it is declared by many top websites such as AwareEarth that it will be out on 28 November 2021.

The Plot of Season 1:

Now we let us know what is in season 1 and why the people are waiting for season 2 impatiently. Shimoneta world means the boring world. In this series, there is no place for dirty jokes and unuseful talks and actions. Suppose all the people in this world have to wear the device which will check all the actions and all the spoken world and if anything seems unusual it will notify the government that the person is using some inappropriate or unusual thing while communicating. Can you suppose or do you want to live in such a place where the restrictions are too much?

The Cast of the Series Shimoneta Season 2:

Shimoneta Season 2 Cast

The main character of the series of Shimoneta which is Tanukichi Okuma and other characters like Anna Nishikinomiya, Otome Saotome, Kosuri Onigashira, Hyouka Fuwa, Takuma Ichinose, Base Black, Binkan, Nadeshiko Kajou, Ranko Okuma, Raiki Gouriki, Ayame Kajou, Matsukage Nishikinomiya, Sophia Nishikinomiya, Oboro Tsukimigusa, Keisuke Onigashira, Annie Brown, Yutori Nuregoromo. It may also possible that the series may also introduce some more characters which will make a nice impact in the series.

The Plot of the Series Shimoneta Season 2-

There is no such information about the plot of the series as there is no information yet released anywhere. But we are assuming that season 2 will starts from where the season ends.

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