Good Doctor Season 6

Today, the Good Doctor will say goodbye to his fans (16th of May on ABC). Fans are blessed with the happy moment they have always been waiting for, their favorite Shaun is finally going to get married to her season first crush Lea. However, there is a twist as shown in the trailer for the season finale, someone is parting ways with the show. Earlier speculations point to two probable choices Dr. Glassman or the parents of Dr. Asher Wolke or the nurse whom Dr. Lim was helping.

Is this the final season of “The Good Doctor”?

Is The Good Doctor Cancelled? Everything is going great for Dr. Shaun Murphy, his bucket list is complete- became a surgeon, found a life partner, and came over his parent’s issues. His plotline looks fulfilled, but the writers and creators don’t think so. The network has already renewed The Good Doctor for a sixth season.

Claire returns
Antonia Thomas Returns To ‘The Good Doctor’

Also, many other subplots are going on too, and yet not sure where they will go. One of the subplots is Dr. Lim helping the Nurse who is in an abusive relationship. Dr. Claire is also returning for Season 6 her character arc will evolve too.

He is not returning for season 6

There is bad news for the fans that one of their favorite characters is not coming back. Dr. Glassman played by Richard Schiff is not going to reprise his role for season 6. He is leaving the show for good. A recent tip revealed his contract is over and he has no interest in renewing it. This could indicate that the Crash Cart ordered by Dr. Lim could be for him or the writers would just send him far not closing the door for his return or future cameos.

Dr. Glassman
Dr. Glassman And Shaun

Richard reportedly said,’ I loved working on this show, I love my character, I love my co-stars, but as usual all good this comes to an end and this is my time put down the cape and move on in my life and focus on other things.’

Sneak Peek of The Good Doctor Season 6

As the History suggests, Medical dramas can go on for too long. The Good Doctor is just in season 5. That would be half of the average life span of a Medical Drama e.g. Gray’s Anatomy, Dr. House.

Predictions for Season 6

Season 5 finale air this Monday on ABC. As this season is ending news for Sony Pictures is already coming about promoting Liz Friedman to Co-Showrunner alongside David Shore. “I have worked with, and shared my burdens with, and depended on Liz for years,” David said. “Very much looking forward to enjoying all the great things she is going to do with the show.”

This will come as a surprise for fans, this would be great for the show to get a new perspective. Friedman started her career as an intern for Sam Raimi later Raimi liked her work so much that he assigned her as his assistant and thereafter she became an executive producer alongside Raimi. She climbed her way up working day and night.

Will Dr. Glassman die
Will Dr. Glassman die in the Season 5 finale of The Good Doctor

Dr. Glassman is not coming back for season 6, someone has to fill the bubble. It could be Dr. Claire as she returns to the show.

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Dr. Lim could get tangled in the case of the abusive relationship of the Nurse she is helping. The nurse could get beaten up by his boyfriend and Lim would protest against the whole Misogyny ideology and could get hurt in the way.

When the Good Doctor is coming back for Season 6?

The Good Doctor Release date is going to the be first Monday of November 2022 and will air on the ABC network. It is not yet confirmed by the creators or the network but unofficial leaks suggest it to be accurate as the previous leaks were true.


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